Member Types

Regular Member
Practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon (MD/DO) residing in the US or Canada, and a diplomat of ABOS, AOBOS, or the Royal College of Physicians of Canada
$300 per year

International Member
Orthopaedic Surgeon who resides outside of the US or Canada
$300 per year

Candidate Member
Orthopaedic Surgeon (MD/DO) residing in the US or Canada who has graduated from an orthopaedic residency program accredited by the LCME, CACMS or AOA and has not yet achieved board certification. Upon Board certification, the Candidate will advance to Regular Membership.
$75 per year

Resident Member
Orthopaedic surgeon enrolled in an approved residency or fellowship program in the US or Canada. Upon completion of training, graduates may advance to Candidate Membership.
$40 per year

Emeritus Member *
Dues paying member in good standing for a minimum of seven (7) years may become an Emeritus Member upon retirement from active practice or upon reaching seventy (70) years of age.
$25 per year
* Please call COS at 410-307-1013 to pay dues and set up your online account.

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