Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

All orthopaedic physicians who are diplomats of the ABOS must abide by the MOC (Maintenance of Certification) process in order to maintain their primary certificate in Orthopaedic Surgery.

We encourage you to go to the ABOS site to learn more about the requirements noted above – the MOC process needs to be fully understood. The first thing you need to do is register for MOC online at Your name will be entered into the database so you are listed as an orthopaedic surgeon who is pursuing board certification and will allow you to track and monitor your progress.

1. NOW! – Register for MOC at
2. Years 1-3 – Complete 120 Category 1 CME Credits, 20 of which are SAE credits
3. Years 4-6 – Complete 120 Category 1 CME Credits, 20 of which are SAE credits
4. Year 6 – Enter all CME/SAE credits into CME Summary Sheet at


MOC Computer Exam
5. Year 6 – By the end of the year, enter case list data for 3 months of surgical cases (limit 75 cases)

6. Years 7-9 – Apply to take MOC Computer Exam
7. Years 8-10 – Take the MOC Computer Exam



MOC Oral Exam
5. Year 7 – Apply to take MOC Oral Exam
6. Years 8-9 – Submit a 6-month case list of surgical cases
7. Years 9-10 – By May, candidates will receive 12 cases selected by the ABOS based on the submitted 6-month case list. Candidates will need to bring 10 of the cases and related materials for presentation in July.

Maintenance of Certification Calendar
MOC/Recertification Exam Schedule –